BBL Affordable Butt Lift

butt lift in bulgaria

bbl brazilian butt bift bulgaria

bbl butt lift bulgaria

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Affordable BBL Butt Lift

BBL Brazilian Butt Lift = Liposculpture + Fat Transfer

Lipo stomach and sides + Lipofilling butttocks from only £1​400 / €1​600

Butt implants + liposuction + fat transfer from only £2​800 / €3​200

It's affordable!

#LookGood again in #Bulgaria

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bbl brazilian butt bift bulgaria

 ​Emma UK

 ​BBL with fat transfer


I am soooo happy with results. The surgeon did a great job. It's the shape I wanted.

bbl butt lift bulgaria

 ​Keisha UK

 ​BBL with butt implants


​Thank you for making my dream come true! Your help has been amazing​.

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