Dental treatment in Bulgaria

Bulgaria offers high-quality low-cost dental treatment. Dental clinics in Bulgaria have invested in the latest international dental technology and use international brand consumatives.

Low-cost dental treatment
Prices in Bulgaria are 50-70% lower than in the UK and 20-30% lower than Poland, Croatia, Turkey and Hungary. For exactly the same dental procedure you can save a lot of money by traveling to Sofia, Plovdiv or Varna.

low-cost dental treatment in bulgaria

Affordable dental treatment in Bulgaria

The biggest savings are made on dental implants that cost only €450.

The latest dental techniques
Bulgarian dentists are at the forefront of dental treatment. In Bulgaria you can do a full mouth reconstruction using immediate-load basal dental implants by Dr Ihde from Switzerland.

This dental technology is not even available in the USA. And American patients travel to Bulgaria to save money and enjoy the benefits of the best system for dental implants.

The success rate of BOI basal dental implants is 95% which is much higher than conventional implants. There is also no swelling or inflammation and a low risk of infection.

Most of all you only need to travel once, for one visit, to set the implant and the final crown. And it takes only 3 days. By comparison conventional implants require 2 visits, 6 months apart, and you usually need to stay 7-10 days each time!

The price of a full mouth reconstruction using immediate-load BOI basal dental implants is also much lower than using conventional dental implants.

Dental treatment in Bulgaria
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Dental treatment in Bulgaria
Low-cost high-quality dental treatment in Bulgaria for dental implants, full mouth reconstruction and teeth whitening.
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