#Health medical scan and diagnosis

How are you feeling? Not sure if everything is OK?

Is there a history of illness in your family: cancer, heart disease, diabetes…

MRI scan Bulgaria

Low-cost MRI scan with no waiting time

In Bulgaria there is a complete range of diagnostic solutions including medical imaging to do a #Health check-up with no waiting time. And it’s all affordable at a low-cost!

Medical scans:

  • MRI scan: Full-body MRI, DTi Tractography, MARS MRI, brain scan
  • CT scan
  • PET/CT scan

Blood tests:

  • Full-blood tests to do a check-up
  • Hormonal test
  • Red blood cell count
  • Cobalt poisoning test if you have a leaking metal-on-metal hip implant

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Medical diagnosis solutions in Bulgaria
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Medical diagnosis solutions in Bulgaria
Bulgaria offers a complete range of medical diagnosis solutions to help you identify disease and remain in good health. Prices are low and there is no waiting time for medical scans, heart tests, blood tests.
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