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Bulgaria Medica provides a free quote for medical treatment in Bulgaria. We recommend only the best medical specialists in Bulgaria. We give personal attention to your circumstances to provide a fast quote.

Request a quote for medical treatment in Bulgaria by sending us your email or calling us below. We will ask you for information about your condition and treatment preferences. Then  we will consult the right medical specialist before sending you a personal quote. The quote is All-Inclusive. It includes:

​1. Price that includes all costs for the procedure and travel

​2. Treatment plan that is personalised to your needs

​3. Time for the treatment and stay in Bulgaria

If you are satisfied with the quote we can then we can organise a personal consultation with the medical specialist. The quote for medical treatment in Bulgaria is free.

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The free medical quote is available for all our dental and medical procedures: dental implants, liposuction, spine surgery, MRI scan, weight loss and diabetes surgery and many more...

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