#Smile cosmetic dentistry in Bulgaria

Bulgaria will make you #Smile again!

Bulgaria has fast become one of the top destinations in Europe for low-cost dental implants. Bulgarian dental clinics and dental surgeons are among the best and offer much lower prices than anywhere else in Europe, the USA and the Middle-East. Bulgaria have many advantages as a destination for dental tourism:

dental treatment in Bulgaria

Affordable dental treatment in Bulgaria

  1. High standards of training on par with European dentists
  2. Latest technology imported from Europe and the USA
  3. Full mouth reconstruction in only 1 visit and 6 days
  4. International brands for materials such as dental implants: Nobel, Biocare, 3i, BOI Dr Ihde,
  5. Low-cost dental implants starting from EUR 450.
  6. English is spoken fluently by dentists as well as other languages: German, Italian, French, Russian, Greek, Arabic and Norwegian.
  7. Basal implants also known as immediate-load implants are commonly used. They require only 1 visit of 3 days to set the dental implant and the final crown.

Labour costs and the overall costs of running a dental clinic in Bulgaria are much lower than London, Paris or Frankfurt and it is reflected in the price you get. Prices for dental treatment are 50-70% lower than in other European countries.

The most commonly sought after dental treatments in Bulgaria are dental implants, full mouth reconstruction, sinus lift, bone graft and affordable dental crowns. Prices for dental implants start from 480 Euro.

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#Smile dental treatment in Bulgaria
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#Smile dental treatment in Bulgaria
Affordable dental treatment in Bulgaria that will make you #Smile. Dental implants, fulll mouth reconstruction at low-cost and cheap compared to Hungary, Turkey, Poland and the UK.
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