Smile it's ​affordable in Bulgaria!

full mouth dental implant restoration bulgaria
full mouth dental implants bulgaria
full mouth dental implant restoration bulgaria

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Affordable dental restoration

Veneers and crowns from only €250 / £230

Dental implants from only €330 / £300

Single jaw restoration from only  €5995 / £5200

Full mouth dental implants from only ​€10900 Euro / GBP £10​500

It's affordable!

#Smile again in #Bulgaria

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Thank you for making it all happen. It was fast and affordable. Very professional. I researched the type of dental implants here in Bulgaria. They are very affordable. It could load and be completed with my surgery within 6 days which is actually what happened in 6 days!
Tom from Seattle USA
full mouth restoration
You gave me back my smile. No more problems, no more complexes. I can eat normally and smile. Thank you!
Hatem from France
full mouth restoration

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